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TFP Emopwerment Initiative

It’s about empowering you to be your best you, and this is where it starts.

No doubt about it, life can get complicated as an adult. So let’s talk about the stuff that can make the transition into adulthood a little easier, like how to communicate with others, how to make the best decisions for you, and how to have healthy relationships with the people in your life. 

There’s a program for everyone.

Whether you’re still in school or out in the workforce, there’s a TFP program for you. Each is free, led by a licensed clinician, and is designed to be fun, interactive, and always non-judgmental.

How to Adult

How to Adult
Who’s it for: High school seniors

Leaving school and leaping into adulthood is an exciting but often scary time. In this series developed specifically for high school seniors, we’ll talk about various aspects of young adult life… more

Living a balanced life

Living a Balanced Life
Who’s it for: 15-30 year olds

Being out on your own, making a living, raising a family – this is a big part of adulthood. In this series, we’ll talk openly about how to have healthy relationships with all the people in your life … more

Relationship Wellness

Relationship Wellness
Who’s it for: Couples age 15-30

Let’s be honest – relationships take work. In this program, we’ll talk about what it takes to have healthy relationships with our significant others, whether you’re dating or married … more

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Want to learn more about our programs? We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re a young adult and considering participating, a parent of a prospective participant, a high school administrator, or an employer interested in bringing a TFP program to your job site.

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